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Ernst Law Firm

At Ernst Law Firm, we understand issues like workplace harassment or criminal charges have a major impact on not just yourself, but everyone in your life.

That is why we have made it our mission to provide the best and most dedicated legal representation possible for all of our clients.

We will fight tooth and nail to get you the best possible outcome for your case and minimize the negative impact it has on the rest of your life.

We have families that we are doing our best to support, and we want to ensure your rights are protected so you can do the same.

You need a passionate legal advocate to achieve the best results.

You need Ernst Law Firm.

Our Mission

“We manage complex legal problems for our clients to maximize opportunities and to protect their rights

Success Stories

Testimonies from our clients

“When we began working with Eddie Ernst it was clear that Eddie brought a unique combination of integrity, knowledge, experience and a personal touch to our business relationship. Eddie has aligned our company with brilliant attorneys who have given us sage advice and helped us navigate through our challenges and growth opportunities. Eddie is someone who is trustworthy and genuine. It is clear he invests significant time and effort into his client relationships. ”


– client

“I am extremely satisfied with my lawyer, Jeffrey Ernst. I had confidence when choosing him to represent me based on his experience as a St. Louis County Prosecutor for a decade along with the positive track record of success in his law firm. From my experiences needing representation, I’ve learned the right lawyer is imperative. In addition to his impressive credentials, Jeff goes above and beyond exceeding any and all expectations due to his genuine concern to help his clients. I have never received such personal attention with an attorney….”


– client