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Employment Law FAQ

Employees have rights protecting them from discrimination and harassment at both the state and federal level. If you feel you are being discriminated against due to age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected class, contact the experienced employment law attorneys of Ernst Law Firm today. We can help evaluate your case and guide you through the process of filing a discrimination claim in Missouri.
Just like protection from discrimination, employees are entitled to a workplace free of harassment or bullying. If you are dealing with a hostile work environment resulting from harassment due to your sex, age, religion, race, national origin, ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation etc., contact Ernst Law Firm today.
If your employer violates the law or you witness something going on that is illegal, you may feel obligated to do the right thing and alert the appropriate authorities. If that is the case, you have rights protecting you from any form of retaliation, including demotion and wrongful termination. If you need guidance on how to report violations or have experienced retaliation for whistleblowing, contact the experienced St. Louis employment law attorneys of Ernst Law Firm today.
Many employees are entitled to overtime of at least one and half times their base pay once they have reached 40 hours in the work. While some exceptions apply, the majority of Missouri workers are likely entitled to overtime pay. If your company requires you to work more than 40 hours per week and is not paying you overtime, you may be eligible to file a claim for lost wages and damages. Contact the experienced employment law attorneys of Ernst Law Firm today for a consultation.
Wrongful termination can be difficult to prove since the majority of jobs are considered “at-will”, which means employers are allowed to terminate employees for virtually any reason. However, employers are not allowed to fire people for a discriminatory reason such as disability, age, religion, race, etc. If you believe you were wrongfully terminated, schedule a consultation with Ernst Law Firm today to review your case.

Criminal Law FAQ

If you are charged with crime regardless of whether you committed it or not, you absolutely need an attorney. Without an attorney, you could potentially say something incriminating – even if you are completely innocent! You have a right to remain silent, which you should absolutely exercise until you have an experienced St. Louis criminal defense attorney present.
The best thing you can do to help a friend or family member who was arrested is to calmly get some initial information from the police (what are the charges, which jail or police station are they being taken to, etc.). Next, you should contact the St. Louis criminal defense attorneys of Ernst Law Firm. Regardless of the charges, we have helped clients beat charges for a wide range of charges across the state of Missouri.
NEVER speak to police without an experienced St. Louis criminal defense attorney present. The 5th Amendment affords you the right against self incrimination. Police are trained to get confessions and are legally allowed to lie to you.  It is critical that you always have a defense attorney when speaking to the police.
In Missouri, it may be possible to have a DUI expunged off your record if you meet very specific criteria. This includes the charges being misdemeanor and not felony, waiting 10 years, and not having any other alcohol-related offenses on your record. If you think this applies to you, contact the DUI attorneys of Ernst Law Firm today.
If you know or even think a warrant may have been issued for your arrest, the best thing you can do is to contact an experienced Missouri criminal defense attorney immediately. Ignoring the problem or trying to avoid it will only make things worse. At Ernst Law Firm, we can help determine whether a warrant really has been issued, the specific charges and then advise you on the best options to proceed.

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