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Being accused or arrested for a crime – particularly one you didn’t commit – has devastating consequences on your life.

It doesn’t matter whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, if you are facing criminal charges, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Jeffrey Ernst of Ernst Law spent years prosecuting criminal cases in Missouri before dedicating his practice to helping people charged with criminal offenses in St. Louis achieve the best outcome in their case.

He has the knowledge, determination and skillset to build a strong defense with the goal of having charges dropped entirely (or at the very least reduced).

When prison is on the line, you can’t leave your fate in the hands of an inexperienced attorney – you need a strong, compassionate advocate to give you the best chance of beating the charges.

Bringing A Prosecutor’s Experience To Criminal Defense

Before becoming a criminal defense attorney, Jeffery spent 11 years as a criminal prosecutor in St. Louis. That has given him a thorough understanding of both sides of a criminal case, which helps him to better prepare your defense.

The experience prosecuting more than 100 jury trials while working on thousands of criminal cases gives Jeffrey Ernst an unparalleled understanding of the criminal justice system – and a critical edge when it comes to criminal defense.

Jeffery knows exactly what the prosecutor’s side is going to try to do during any given case, giving him the ability to prepare in advance and capitalize on mistakes.

This experience as a St. Louis prosecutor is a major advantage for anyone facing criminal charges, as the dual perspective helps build a much stronger case.

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Drug Offenses

Whether you face minor possession charges or felony drug trafficking, the long-term consequences of being convicted for a drug offense can be devastating. If you are ever charged with a drug offense, contact Ernst Law immediately.

Sex Crimes

Simply being charged with sexual assault, rape, child pornography or any other sex crime is going to have immediate consequences. These are serious allegations that don’t play well in the jury of public opinion, so it is critical that you build a strong defense immediately if any of these charges are leveled against you.


Driving while intoxicated or under the influence is no laughing matter. With first-time offenders facing still fines, a suspended license and possible jail time with penalties only increasing for additional offenses, it is critical that you hire a quality defense attorney immediately to represent your case.

Juvenile Defense

Kids make mistakes – often without even realizing it – so it is crucial that if any charges are leveled against minors that they have a solid defense attorney to prevent it from affecting them later in life. For example, sexting is becoming more and more common, but that can qualify as distribution of child pornography under Missouri law, leading to a huge impact on their future.

Dedicated Criminal Defense Representation

No matter the criminal offense leveled against you, be it a drug offense, weapons charge, DWI, sexual misconduct or any other alleged crime, you need a passionate defender who is willing to put in the time and effort to see your case through to the end.

Jeffery Ernst has spent his career working criminal law, and his experience as a prosecutor is invaluable in your defense.

There are always two sides to a story, and anyone charged with a crime has a right to have their side of the case heard – you are innocent until proven guilty, and we will do everything in our power to get the charges dismissed.

If you were arrested for a crime, contact Ernst Law immediately so we can review the facts of your case and begin building a strong defense. With severe consequences on the line, you can’t afford to wait.


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