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All employees are guaranteed certain rights at both the state and federal level, such as the right to a safe and harassment free workspace. When those rights are violated, it is time to speak with an experienced employment law attorney to review the situation and determine the best course of action.

Eddie Ernst of Ernst Law is a St. Louis employment attorney who has dedicated his practice to helping workers understand their rights and resolve workplace disputes – ideally before the problem escalates to the courtroom.

However, that is often easier said than done, and Eddie’s experience representing both businesses and employees in a wide range of employment law cases gives him the ability to skillfully represent his clients in court.

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Sexual Harassment

Workplace harassment encompasses much more than inappropriate sexual contact. Any conduct of a sexual nature ranging from innuendo to inappropriate requests in exchange for favors can be sexual harassment if it creates a hostile work environment or interferes with the ability of someone to perform their job.

Wages & Benefits

Minimum wage, overtime issues, health benefits and retirement are just a few of the common areas where employees and employers commonly have wage and benefits disputes that can lead to the courtroom.


Discrimination comes in many shapes and forms. While racial discrimination is likely the most common form that you hear about, any member of a protected class can face discrimination in the workplace. This includes discrimination based on age, gender, religion, race, national origin, disability, sexual orientation and more.

Working Conditions

Employers are responsible for ensuring the workplace is safe and free of health hazards based on the guidelines set by OSHA. If safety hazards exist, an employer must take steps to eliminate them. If they do not, employees have the right to report the problems to OSHA without fear of discrimination or retaliation.

Other Employment Law Problems

Everything from workplace privacy and whistleblowing to the hiring and separation process can result in disputes between employees and employers that require experienced legal representation. Many times, these can be resolved before ever reaching the courtroom; however, you need experienced employment law counsel on your side in case it does.

Experienced St. Louis Employment Law Representation

For nearly two decades, Eddie Ernst has worked tirelessly representing both employees and businesses in employment law cases.

From workplace sexual harassment and discrimination to retaliation and severance issues, Eddie has a wealth of experience to draw from to help resolve any workplace dispute imaginable.

At Ernst Law, we truly believe that hard work and preparation are the keys to success in the courtroom, which is why we pride ourselves on the time and dedication spent preparing every case – particularly since employment law issues are so complex.

If you are an employee dealing with a workplace issue, contact the experienced St. Louis employment law attorneys of Ernst Law today.


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