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“When we began working with Eddie Ernst it was clear that Eddie brought a unique combination of integrity, knowledge, experience and a personal touch to our business relationship. Eddie has aligned our company with brilliant attorneys who have given us sage advice and helped us navigate through our challenges and growth opportunities. Eddie is someone who is trustworthy and genuine. It is clear he invests significant time and effort into his client relationships. ”


– client

Jeffrey Ernst took the time to listen to my situation and offered a very straightforward opinion on what results could happen. I really liked that he didn’t sugarcoat or lead me on with any false promises and gave updates on the matter during every step of the process. I was very appreciative of how understanding he was but held firm to what the facts were. His experience really showed in court and is worth the money risked in the investment.
I would highly recommend seeking his counsel.”

Jonathan Y

– client

Eddie Ernst has helped both myself and my organization to avoid some relatively nasty employment pitfalls in our new business. He has assisted in my endeavors to successfully navigate through an oppressive non compete and non-solicitation agreement with a previous employer. I truly value his expertise and his ability to clearly and effectively help me navigate the legal lingo. Overall, I believe Eddie to be a wonderful person who is genuinely interested in his clients well being. I would highly recommend his services to anyone having questions regarding their employer or employing others.”


– client

“I am extremely satisfied with my lawyer, Jeffrey Ernst. I had confidence when choosing him to represent me based on his experience as a St. Louis County Prosecutor for a decade along with the positive track record of success in his law firm. From my experiences needing representation, I’ve learned the right lawyer is imperative.

In addition to his impressive credentials, Jeff goes above and beyond exceeding any and all expectations due to his genuine concern to help his clients. I have never received such personal attention with an attorney. He is on top of things at all times and will keep you informed through the entire process.

One thing I’ve seen from him is that he is truly passionate about not only helping get the best deal but also for his client’s well being which is one of many reasons that sets him well above the rest! He will be honest with you and not just tell you what you want to hear but get brutally honest if need be because he genuinely does care about his clients. He is upfront with the fees so there are no surprises and with the first class personal attention he will give you and your case, his fees are more than reasonable.

Personally, I have never had an attorney I could reach out to via cell or text that will answer right away or reply as soon as possible.

I highly recommend him! There aren’t enough positive words I could say that would do justice to describe what a phenomenal attorney and individual he is. Hiring an attorney is not your ideal situation but life happens and I can testify that he is not only successful in law but truly one of the good ones who you can tell chose this profession to make a positive impact and help others.”


– client

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